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Kiwanis Sponsored Organizations — As Kiwanis membership has grown and enthusiasm for its service-based format has spread, Kiwanis has created additional volunteer opportunities for people at every stage of life through its Sponsored Leadership Programs (SLPs).

Currently the Kiwanis Club of Suburban Frederick sponsors the following SLP clubs:

  • Middletown Middle School Builders Club
    Advisor Linda Caron, Linda.Caron@fcps.org
    Meetings are on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm in Mrs. Caron’s classroom
  • Middletown High School Key Club
    Advisor: Tracey Athey, Tracey.Athey@fcps.org
    Contact for meeting times
  • Thomas Johnson High School Key Club
    Advisor: Kathryn Zepp-Imhoff, Kathryn.Imhoff@fcps.org
    Contact for meeting times
  • Tuscarora High School Key Club
    Advisor: Christopher Coughlin, Christopher.coughlin@fcps.org
    Contact for meeting times. Normally after school as needed from 2:30 to 3:15
  • Walkersville High School Key Club
    Advisor: Erica Carbone, Erica.Carbone@fcps.org
    Meetings are every Thursday from 2:30-3pm in Mrs. Carbone’s classroom #147

Key Club Advisor Guide

Circle K is a service club for collegians and has nearly 13,000 members on more than 500 university and college campuses in 13 nations. Circle K was started in Pullman, Washington, and was formally organized as a service organization in 1947. Its members are committed to leadership, service, and fellowship.

The oldest Kiwanis sponsored-youth program is Key Club. Seventeen boys in Sacramento, California, made up the first Key Club in 1925, and today the organization is active in 20 nations and includes 4,711 clubs and 234,528 members. More than 2 million youth have enlisted in Key Club since its inception, including many who are now top government and business leaders.

When middle school and junior high students began to show an interest in organizing to serve their schools and communities, the Builders Club program was launched in 1975. With support from Kiwanis clubs, Key Clubs, and Circle K clubs, the Builders Club network has grown to include more than 1,500 clubs and 44,000 members in 13 nations.

This organization for elementary school-age students began in 1990 when the first club was formed in North Lauderdale, Florida, and formally adopted as a sponsored program by Kiwanis in 1998. Today 16,164 K-Kids in 500 clubs and 11 nations are actively creating opportunities for community service, leadership development, and citizenship education.

In October 2000, Kiwanis extended service opportunities to adult citizens living with developmental disabilities through the formation of Aktion Clubs. These clubs provide members with opportunities to develop initiative and leadership, to serve their communities, to be integrated into society, and to demonstrate the dignity and value of citizens living with developmental disabilities. To date, there are more than 2,000 members in 89 clubs.

Kiwanis Junior clubs are recognized in Europe and help to share the Kiwanis service experience with younger adults, ages 18-35. Kiwanis Junior became an official program in 1992 and now includes more than 50 clubs.

Kiwanis International is a new leadership experience for today’s youth leaders. It will focus on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership development experience. A Key Leader will learn the most important lesson of leadership—leadership comes from helping others succeed.